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Case Study: EnLyte Therapy in Adolescents With Autism

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EnLyte is a natural, advanced generation folate prescription therapy indicated for any condition in which elevated homocysteine levels are causative or contributory to pathology. Because its ingredients are cofactors in multiple pathways involved in neurotransmitter synthesis, its main role since development and launch has been that of antidepressant. The following case study describes a teen who responded well to EnLyte therapy with no adverse events seen at the time of this report.

Case Study: PK

PK is a seventeen-year-old male with Autism who presented on Paroxetine (20 mg a day) and Risperidone (2 mg bid). His parents reported that he was indeed less obsessive and impulsive on these medications, and those were the specific symptoms that led them to seek treatment, but he was fatigued and gaining weight as well. His YBOX score was 15, indicating some OCD symptoms despite therapy, although pre-treatment it had been as high as 26.

His parents requested a discontinuation of these two agents and a trial of a natural therapy. Risperidone was discontinued abruptly, and Raroxetine was tapered over two weeks with some mild withdrawal noted (anxiety and intermittent “shock” sensations for 4 days). He was also started on EnLyte at the time of the initial visit, and returned after one month reporting full alertness, minimal impulsivity, and continued obsessive thoughts (as manifested by repeatedly asking his parents about a random matter for several minutes at a time, multiple times per day). His YBOX was now 23, but parents requested no additional agents. In six weeks, they reported a near resolution in obsessiveness with a YBOX score of 14. The patient remains stable at four and a half months post his initial visit.

Andrew Farah, MD, Chief of Psychiatry, UNC, High Point Regional Health Systems
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11th Annual Camp Independence Video

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July 3, 2014 brought 106 disabled citizens, their families, and caregivers to Gulf Islands Waterpark to enjoy a "Free" day of fun for all!!  This event marked  the "11th annual Camp Independence" hosted by Project Independence and Gulf Islands Waterpark in Gulfport, Mississippi. Families traveled from Lafayette Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi to enjoy a social outing with their loved ones. Additionally, families and caregivers were able to network with others. Participants were able to learn strategies, and gain support to help deal with the struggles associated with raising loved ones that have special needs.

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More Photos From Our 11th annual “Ride for Autism”

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Photos: Ride For Autism Ride 2014 Was A Huge Success!

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A special thank’s to the “ Roy Cooper Games!”

Our 11th annual “Ride for Autism brought over 130 Biker’s to Galveston, Tx. from Lafayette, La. and surrounding areas the weekend of March 22-23, 2014! All of us at Project Independence would like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors and loyal supporters for making this event a huge success!

Our special guest’s: Miss Louisiana (Ms. Brittany Guidry) Ms. Lafayette (Ms.Kandy Andreport) featured with Daniel Royer. Daniel has amazing abilities despite his life with Asperger’s Syndrome, and continues to amaze everyone. Recently, he received his much deserved  Black Belt in Karate after 15 years of hard work.  We are proud of you Daniel! More to follow under out Inspirational Stories!

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Youngliving Essential Oils

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Youngliving Essential oils offer a homeopathic approach to calming the mind and spirit.  Carol has been using these oils on her autistic son for year’s and feels confident to share this product with her followers.  Please visit: https.//www.younglivingoils.org/carolmesa

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